Sunday, 17 June 2012

The Post of Two

Welcome to the world of Pineapple Lightning. Where crazy is a motto we live by. And we talk a little about writing and authors and books, only a little bit.

Brighton here is a pudding baking ninja who serves politics with a slice of pineapple. And he makes movies by the day ...or night.

Utsav is space crusading, sports watching, law practicing, tree whisperer/ writing machine. Books are made from dead trees after all.

Together we are the “Band of Brothers”. Wait, no. We aren’t brothers, nor do we play in a band. “Gang of Boys” then, but two does not warrant a gang, so just the "Boys of Summer"! Because who doesn't love summer?

We decided to dive into the huge ocean of blogging because we think with our combined power of awesomeness, the world can be made a little more insane. There are many helpful and informative blogs on writing, querying and publishing. Sigh... Yes, we will link you upto them.

But balance must be maintained in the universe and we, as the Peacekeepers of Crazy, find it our duty to contribute to dilute the ever-increasing load of good advice. We must drive the masses away from the realities of writing and throw them in the murky waters of procrastination and obnoxious comments, which are unfailingly humorous. 

Besides our Weekly Drudgery posts, which will highlight the highs and lows of life around us, we will attempt to do a few author and agent interviews which will not be informative at all. Book reviews might make it to the blog posts as well, if and when we decide a book has reached the standards where it can drive masses blind – literally.

So much for the intro. This is the “Boys of Summer” signing off. 

Enjoy the fruit. It’s shocking.


  1. FIRST COMMENT! Yay, I can't wait to read your posts :) Good luck!

  2. What we have to write posts?! Why is blogging so hard? :)