Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Juicy Shockers #1


Our very first author interview! We thought of naming it Wednesday Waffles but then we would end up eating up the waffles, so we decided against it.

Anyways our first guest is the incredible R.C. Lewis. What an appropriate name for writing, don’t you think? She’s a maths teacher who writes sci-fi and fantasy. Yes, you read right. Even Wonder Woman is powerless before that.

She is currently preparing to submit a YA Sci-Fi – STITCHING SNOW which is a retelling of Snow White in space! Do follow her blog at and on twitter @RC_Lewis.
She is represented by the lovely Jennifer Laughran from the Andrea Brown Literary Agency.
Oh and as a special bonus – check out
And follow stalk her @literaticat.

Now on to the questions! (Disclaimer: We claim not responsibility for questions which hurt your eyes.) Oh and Pineapple is Brighton and Lightning is Utsav and Awesome RC is well...Awesome RC.

Lightning: We know maths is the love of your life. And writing is another. How do you handle two loves at the same time? It’s very important advice for guys. And how does one love influence the other?

Awesome RC: Each love has its own time and place. When it's time to teach, I focus on teaching. When it's time to write, I focus on that. My mathy, science-geeky side definitely has an influence on my writing—that's largely why I write science fiction and fantasy.

  We won’t be asking what your inspiration for writing is. But what are the things that make you want to tear your hair out and stop writing?

Awesome RC: Hmm ... Not sure I've come across anything that causes that strong a reaction. But there have been times I've been really annoyed while wrestling with a sentence, trying to get it to say what I want it to without getting all awkward.

    We read a post on Jennifer Laughran’s blog about how she managed to sneak into getting you signed on. So how do you feel about being ninjaed away? And what is the biggest quirk from her you have seen or faced?

Awesome RC: I have no problem with being ninjaed! My query was in her inbox regardless, so now we'll never know if we would've had the same result if she'd just come across it in the normal way. I've been following Jennifer on her blog and Twitter for a long time. Maybe her biggest quirk is her love for kale ... but maybe I only say that because I live in a place where I don't think I've ever seen kale in a store. EVER.

 Now that you are getting to send your book out, you must be (and we know you are) revising.  How do you go about the revisions? What are the major changes you are incorporating and what prompted them?

Awesome RC: Jennifer pointed out a few things I could strengthen with small adjustments, and a couple of more significant changes that could bring the whole story arc together in a more powerful way. I took her notes and broke them down into a checklist. Now I'm working my way through the manuscript and checking off the changes as I go.

  A retelling of Snow White sounds awesome. But we have also seen a few reincarnations coming out recently like the two movies and Once Upon a Time? What is your take on them and how does Stitching Snow leave them in the dust?

Awesome RC: I just recently saw Snow White and the Huntsman, but I haven't seen Mirror, Mirror or Once Upon a Time. I think the main thing that makes Stitching Snow different is that it isn't a straight retelling. It takes influence from the fairytale and launches on a big, science-fiction-based "What if?"

  It must be mind boggling to be agented and now preparing to submit. We are sure our brains will be fried when we reach that stage. What does it feel like preparing to go on submission?

Awesome RC: Honestly, it doesn't feel that different yet. I've been through revisions before, including a Revise-and-Resubmit request with another agent for an earlier story. In some ways, it's less pressure, because Jennifer already loves the manuscript and has signed on—there's not that fear of rejection that I had in querying. In other ways, it's more pressure, because I feel I have to live up to the expectations now ... and rejections from editors are pretty much guaranteed no matter how awesome the story is.

Lightning: What is the strangest thing to inspire your writing? Your pets? Your favourite algorithm?

Awesome RC: Not that strange, but Stitching Snow was inspired by a line of song lyrics. Another manuscript was inspired by several students ranting about being forced into an identity crisis in a situation many people aren't aware of. But yes, math often weasels its way in when it can.

Pineapple: We all love movies made on novels. Well, besides Eragon. Who would you cast as your lead characters and why?

Awesome RC: I haven't really come across anyone that seems quite right for my MC (Essie) and the male lead yet. But a while ago I did a silly blog post where I tried to find roles for Tom Hiddleston in each of my novels, because my sister is a ginormous fan. (

Lightning: We all have writing goals. Ours is to net an agent and be the next J.K. Rowling. Well, except for Brighton who wants to be world dictator instead. What is your biggest writing ambition? A maths novel maybe?

Awesome RC: My biggest writing ambition is to have a novel published ... preferably more than one. I'd love to see my books in school libraries. I think that would be the ultimate. As for a math novel, probably not unless enough of a character and plot to go up with the background of math occurs to me.

We wish RC the best of luck in all her future endeavours. Wait no that came out wrong. We wish her lots of good luck for the upcoming publishing process and her future books.

We hope you enjoyed this special presentation from the “Boys of Summer”.

Signing off,
Pineapple and Lightning.


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