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Current Project: Tides of Magic (Epic Fantasy @ 110k) - Currently Querying

Magic has returned to Quindor. Except nobody knows or remembers anything about it.
A typical megalomaniac girl, Elena, charts her rise from being oppressed by non-magic folk to one who has the power to rip the land apart. She would win the battle to become Empress hands down, except for the pesky disadvantage that the more you use magic, the more you are handicapped – literally.
But the eight hundred year old Empire always strikes back. The older upstanding prince, Darius, faces the age-old choice of using bone-covered monsters to wipe out magic from the land – except magic now resides in a lot of his innocent subjects.
Alternatively, the Empire can reliably count on the assistance of his younger brother, Fabius, who is too seeped in gambling and drinking to care about the Empire and the nobles in the first place. Also, being the quintessential prince charming, he is in love with the Elena. Picking sides was never easier.

And what story is complete without the heartwarming tale of a selfish bandit, immune to magic, who only cares about bringing back to power his historically shamed family, the rise or fall of magic be damned?

Works in Progress (WiPs):

1. Swap (Thriller): @2,500 words. Derek Cross faces a crisis. He has been swapped with his own self five years in the future. Handling unemployment and a broken relationship might be messy but playing your cards right in the past is tougher.

2. Kobold Soccer (MG Fantasy): Candlebar wants to enter the Myth-Olympics to play soccer. Problem is Kobolds cannot play soccer. He must rally and build a team against the wishes of the organizers, his parents and the entire Kobold society.

Shelved currently:

Averagely Extraordinary (YA Sci-Fi) complete @ 90,000 words

It deals with the trials and tribulations of a teenage boy from Earth heralded as a saviour by the tree-descended people of Ulfitron. The problem? He is ordinary.

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