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WHAT THE WATER GAVE US [ science fiction]

As the virus spreads so does their power. Anton’s family has long dominated their disease-ravaged planet. Blessed with genetic immunity, the treatments derived from their blood gives them control over a desperate public. But laws Anton made to protect the homeland of his estranged wife, Tia, now condemn her. 

Guilt over a deadly accident they’ve kept secret for a decade took Tia and Anton down divergent paths; Tia became a reluctant leader in the liberation movement, and Anton head of the Unity Defense Forces. Now Anton’s obsession with saving Tia’s war-torn homeland from the disease has thrown both their lives into chaos.  

As eradication of the virus comes within reach, Anton’s vicious uncle, the Tsar Regent, cuts off delivery of all treatment doses to protect his political interests. Left with only the limited doses his own blood can provide, Anton continues to deport the infected, forced to dispose of rather than save them. When Tia uncovers the truth, and the local militias she’s funded fight back, Anton faces a choice. Fight his own nation for more doses, or continue with the protocols that now leave Tia ineligible for a dose.

WHAT THE WATER GAVE US is science fiction with a literary bent, and is complete at 97,000 words. 

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