Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Juicy Shockers #2

Time for another author interview. After our colourful endeavour last week, we have decided to keep our whacky rainbow scheme intact.

This week we have the beautiful Kristen Noel. No seriously, she is so pretty that we had to put up two pictures of her. 


She’s an anthropology graduate enthusiast whose first YA Fantasy Book Lionhead is scheduled to release this October. Talk about mix and match! Oh and she is being published by the awesome Neverland Publishing.

Check out her blog at , follow her ‏@enderawiggin and on Goodreads at She also has a facebook page for Lionhead at

Whew, that’s a lot of following to do! But trust us, it’s all worth it.

Now on to the questions! As usual Pineapple is Brighton and Lightning is Utsav and Splendid Kris is well...Splendid Kris.

Pineapple: 24 and nearly published. You are a step ahead of the two of us. When did you start writing and what was the first thing you wrote?

Splendid Kris: I started writing when I was very young. I'm not sure where I got the passion for it, but I guess it's because I used to devour books and finish them before I even got home from the library. I wrote my first story in 5th grade (about a squirrel!). I was really embarrassed because the principal of my elementary school somehow found out and wanted to read it over the loud speaker. I said no!

Lightning: You aren’t agented. But you have signed a publishing contract. How does this new route work? A new spell to a new world of publishing?

Splendid Kris: I honestly tried to get an agent and was asked for my full manuscript a couple of times, but no offers. Right now, I'm fine not having an agent because luckily I found a publisher willing to work with me and someone who's excited about my work. I'm so grateful for that, even if I don't have representation. I think you have to find whatever works for you and you need to get your work out there through whatever way you feel comfortable with. It's not always going to be a "traditional"
route. I queried both agents and publishers, but Neverland Publishing ended up being the one interested and passionate about my story.

Lightning: Your novel is named Lionhead. We have heard of Lionheart- the awful/awesome Jean Claude Van Damme movie ( So what does your novel have besides an angry growling Jean Claude Van Damme with a mane? Seriously, tell us everything (with a Kevin Spacey smile).

Splendid Kris: I've never seen that movie, I feel like I have to check it out now!
But my story revolves around a hardened thirteen year old girl, who has been abandoned by her parents, and accepted into Lionhead after she discovers she can shift into a fox. Amidst an unusual hatred that arises between the two teenage boys she’s become closest with, she must learn why the small island community had previously disallowed outsiders for over a hundred years.
It deals a lot with themes of friendship and acceptance, which I think is something every young person struggles with growing up. I also think the main character, Riley Bale, will make an inspiring and strong role model for readers of any age.

Pineapple: When is your lovely ferocious book due and what evil tactics are you planning for its advertising propaganda?

Splendid Kris: Lionhead is due out in October! As for advertising, I plan on doing whatever it takes to get the word out there. I know it's much harder with a smaller publisher to market a book, but I plan on using the internet to my advantage. There are so many young readers on websites such as Tumblr, Facebook, and Twitter who are always looking for something new to dive into. Luckily, I'm already addicted to all these sites.
If not I'll just hire a witch to put a curse on anyone who won't read it. You know, that old trick.

Lightning: Fantasy is clearly the genre of your choice and mine. Brighton likes to prance about writing a cookbook with a political twist with Jennifer Connelly as the leading lady. Any other works and genres you are currently working on?

Splendid Kris: Haha! I think I'd like to read that book! I've always loved fantasy because of C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien, but I've been working on some sci-fi stuff also. I really love everything and I'd like to be able to explore every genre. If I read something that I really love, I usually get addicted to that particular genre and want to experiment with it.

Pineapple: Utsav likes to surf the universe and I like playing scrabble. Our books reflect that. Any hobbies/scary habits of yours which transcend into your writing?

Splendid Kris: Unfortunately, I'm not very good at anything so my characters are much better at everything than me (seriously). Usually they're really into books and reading, which is one of my hobbies.

Pineapple: Both of us are facing the hellfire of editing. How are you tackling it and how does your brain adapt to it?

Splendid Kris: I hate it! I think sometimes you have to step away from what you're writing and give your mind some time to rest. When you pull out your manuscript again, you'll be a little less sick of dealing with it and you can begin to make some corrections. I have no real system for editing and someone usually looks over it for me. I think it's important to get someone's point of view. Someone who won't lie to you, but also someone who won't discourage you!

Lightning: We are thinking of making this question a permanent one. Who would you cast as your lead characters and why?

Splendid Kris: This is a great question and I'm so upset I can't think of anyone! For some reason, I can't think of an actress around thirteen who fits that part. I sort of based the appearance of Riley around the main character of one of my favorite movies, City of Lost Children. Her strength in that movie always inspired me, but the actress is much too old now.

Pineapple: We know a bunch of authors the same age as us and you. The urge for writing seems to be strong with this age. Any advice for us hungry wannabes?

Splendid Kris: I think it's the age when you start becoming more confident in your writing and you start to understand your weaknesses and strengths. I just think you always need to stick with it and keep pushing yourself. There's always more to learn. I would also tell anyone to never give up because it only takes one person to be interested in your writing. Someone down the line will see your potential and give you a chance. The last person I queried to was the one who ended up offering me a contract, so you never know.

We wish the best of luck to Kristen with Lionhead and all her other works as well. Please do buy her book and make it famous unless you want the “Boys of Summer” coming over and driving you crazy. We can and don’t try us!

So that concludes another round of Juicy Shockers.

Signing off,
Pineapple and Lightning.


  1. I LOVE your interviews. They are hilarious, fun, and Kris said some amazing things in there.

    Thanks for having a real interview where I can actually connect with Kris. I feel like I know her... maybe. Probably not. But still! Love the transparency. Fun questions too.

    Good luck with your publisher! I'd love to hear more about your journey, so you got a new follower out of me :)

  2. OK, I can't follow your blog... why can't I follow your blog?!?! It might be because of the blogger thing... I'll just follow your Twitter :)