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Agents on twitter come up with nuggets of helpful information on publishing and querying. We will choose the best and worst of them and post them here for reference and an occasional chuckle. Of course the copyright remains with the agent who tweeted. We might decide to do some funny takes on them though!

: Don't email over the wkend. Your Q will get buried, I won't read it for a while, and I prob won't reply for even longer.

Agents and queries: compiled DOs + a checklist!  
There is your useful link!

@DeidreKnight :“If you are in the query process, deactivate a spam filter/approval form that you may have set up for your email account.”

:Don't be greedy and cover every single imaginable topic in your ms. Be nice and leave some for other writers.

: Dialogue should move your plot along. Always. We don't read books for chit chat. Also helps if it doesn't sound rehearsed.

I asked an author to send me a partial and she emailed me each chapter as a separate document. Don't do this.

: "Querious George: 5 Tips for Polishing Your Query Letter"
Here's another useful link!

"Tips on Editing". Now with Don Draper! Check it out and share your thoughts :) 
 Sean is burning it up! Another awesome link!

There's a huge difference in behaviour and speech between 16 and 21-year-olds. Or 29 and 56-year-olds. Age matters

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