Saturday, 1 September 2012

Weekly Drudgery

Hello all and welcome to another edition of weekly drudgery.

Brighton's still away shooting his awesome movie - American Dreamsicle. They just wrapped up Day Three's shooting yesterday and the team is happy like a stuffed bunny. And as a bonus we give you one of the first shots from the upcoming blockbuster.

Fancy right? I call dibs on the actress already.

Anyways, in more authory news, I am close to finishing my current set of revisions which has chopped down my word count further making it (I hope) leaner, meaner and stronger. I am sometimes amazed by my own style of writing and I end up wondering, how on Earth did I make a scene that strong. (I also wonder a lot more about the times when I write absolute clunky and pedestrian stuff which a ten year old can shred to bits). Eitherways, a minor tweak to the climax has left me happy and content.

So, now I'm thinking of moving on to the Beta-ing stage, although I have a few very helpful betas already, courtesy AQC, some of who have transcended into CPs. Thing is, I'm trying a new approach to writing. Now before you start rolling your eyes and condemning me, hear me out.

My MC starts off as an immature 15 year old who behaves like he's 13 and grows over the course of the novel to almost an adult. Therefore, I have also varied my voice accordingly through the novel. It starts off as distinctly upper MG and then slowly transcends into YA (or atleast that's how it feels in my head). Also from normal daydreams to really dark situations, the novel encompasses quite a change of character.

Which leads me to the next question. What in the world should I pitch my book as? Upper MG or YA? I have asked this question to a lot of my author friends and they have suggested getting hold of a teenage beta and asking his/her opinion on whether it's something they like to read.

What are your opinions? And if you have any more brilliant suggestions, please do leave a comment.

Signing off,
The Boys of Summer.

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