Thursday, 17 March 2016

Of Renewed Beginnings

Too long has it been that I have myself ventured into the lost pages of pineapple lightning. Yet as I traverse through my first sojourn as a budding author, the memories reflected in this blog bring a smile. The enthusiasm behind writing, the excitement of a blog which fell victim to the drudgery of work and the worst weapon that isn't - laziness.

Yet, I did keep writing, as a few may know. Three years it took but the novel called Tides of Magic is complete and edited with a full manuscript request already out. And it is in this bright hour that I return to you with the blog that started it all.

I will not make promises I can keep. I will not make promises. But there will be posts - more than I can manage and more than the magic number of nothing. About what? Anything and everything - except my day job that is.

Video games, television shows, movies, youtube videos (the good kind).

Let me lightning your way into an awesome world.  Hopefully pineapple (Brighton) will join in soon too.

Signing off,



  1. Back from the void, are you? That probably makes you a portent of some kind. The unfolding prophecy begins. Heroes unite.

    1. Hey! Thanks for visiting. I am indeed back - and hopefully when I get Brighton back - the boys of summer will have united just in time - for summer!!