Saturday, 19 January 2013

A new book and a not so new one

So, after about 10 days of anxious waiting (during which I was slaughtered at work and clocked an astounding 130 hours of billed time and hence, did not have time to be all that anxious), I have finally got my hands on a book which I have been waiting for over three years or little more than one (from different perspectives- I'll come to that soon).

Ta, Da!! My very own copy of A Memory of Light. To the unknown (wait, there are people who don't know about this book?), this book marks the end of a truly epic (in all sense of the terms) Wheel of Time series, which spans 14 books and the lifespan of a little over one author. As you might notice on the book cover, there are two authors mentioned. Robert Jordan is the creator of this world and sadly his demise in 2007 had left many of wondering whether the series would ever reach its fitting finale. Enter fellow fantasy writer- Brandon Sanderson of Mistborn trilogy fame, who took up Jordan's notes and worked on them not like he would have but Jordan would have. Though, this meant that the final book had to be split up in 3 parts which released in over 3 years and the last of the three releases now after over a year of the 13th book's release (hence my wait of 3 years and a year respectively).

Anyhows, my trials and tribulations for getting this book was compounded by the fact that delivery in India on the release day of the book was impossible (booo...Amazon) and hence the long wait of 10 days. But to my surprise, with the Memory of Light came a surprise package...

This is a prequel novel to the entire series, which sadly or happily, I haven't read so far. Turns out, I was some lucky number customer to buy AMoL and was gifted with a free copy of the above for my efforts (or the lack of them). Eitherways, it means my reading weekend has been happily extended and I am abstaining myself from AMoL to read the prequel NS first. Hopefully, it will also give me a first hand perspective of comparing Jordan's style with Sanderson's adaption of it.

With that I'm off to the land of the Wheel of Time. I will be back with a review of both books. Meanwhile, for those who have not read this series, what's wrong with you? Go pick up Eye of the World today and bid goodbye to your current lives for a good month or two.


  1. I saw this book in Barnes and Noble's! I want to read the series, but it is 14 books long.... AGHHH

  2. I always seem to learn something new when I check out your blog. Thanks so much for all the info.

  3. I love getting the next book in a favourite series! Nothing quite like the anticipation and then the actual diving in! Enjoy your books :)