Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Book Review! The Heroes of Olympus- Son of Neptune

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Today I am presenting a book review of something I read during office hours, while I was thoroughly bored with work. And before you come with brickbats in your hand claiming why I am reviewing a Percy Jackson book, let me tell you that although I have read all the books in the series to date, I don't consider them literary masterpieces or heck, even literary pieces.

For the uninitiated, this is a MG/YA series about teenage demigods with the full overload of Greek mythology (which to my ignorant mind seems well researched) and the fulfillment of quests and prophecies. Although extremely popular, its characters do seem to fall a little flat and the humour sometimes is childish and forced. And I daren't go into describing the writing. It also spawned a god-awful movie starring Pierce Brosnan as...wait for it...a Centaur. James Bond - Aston Martin to cleaved hooves.

So why again did I read the book? I told you...I was bored. I wanted something light, which wouldn't engross me so much as to get lost (and fired). 

Ok, now for the actual review. The series does grow better with the books and the second book of the second series is, in my opinion, the finest yet. The storyline is very intriguing. Percy Jackson has lost his memory and is sent to the Roman side of demi-gods (who war with the Greek ones) and goes on a quest with two equally lost characters named Frank and Hazel. Frank and Hazel have some puppy love brewing, although that's not handled very well. Nevertheless, their perilous journey to the frozen desolation of the wait...Alaska, is fun and littered with nice and fun banter. The quest is reasonably well thought out and the pacing is quite good and did hold my interest.

The ending does have an oversight (read all giants need a God and demigod to kill) but nothing major. My main issue lies with the narrative slipping back into memories of the characters every so often. It works a few times, but then it gets irritating specially because the transitions are not done well. The prose while catchy, does lack a certain maturity which a YA book should have and although, I have nothing against light-hearted books, 'Yay! I am going to die.' attitude isn't what I expect.

Not too disappointing a read and the story definitely would keep me interested in the sequels but if Rick Riordan can make things a tad more smooth in his writing the books will finally find a place in the literary halls.

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  1. I did read them and they were fun enough, but not something I would go crazy for. The voice felt inauthentic at times, but it was a fun and quick read. I might read Riordan's newest series, but I'm not going to force it.